Weight Re-gain


Weight re-gain

Many of our patients are concerned about the possibility of re-gaining weight after bariatric surgery, and rightly so. In the past, bariatric procedures were designed to prevent any weight re-gain, but they came with very serious complications because of the malnutrition that came as a result. Fortunately, modern bariatric surgery has evolved to make malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies to be rare, but that means that a patient does have the ability to re-gain weight if they do not make permanent lifestyle changes. We tell our patients that surgery is a tool, but it is not the only part of the picture. All patients need to eat smaller, healthier portions, and they need to eat at least three meals per day. We partner with St. Vincent Carmel Bariatric Program to provide lifetime access to expert dietitians who help with meal planning, calorie needs, and vitamin management. 

Fortunately, the average patient can lose weight and keep it off long-term (10 years or more) after bariatric surgery. There are different rates of weight loss, depending on the bariatric procedure chosen.


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