St. Vincent’s approach to medically supervised weight loss.

Medically supervised weight loss options are available to help men and women make the physical and mental adjustments to attain a healthier lifestyle. The “Call to Life” 30-week program includes 20 sessions with our Bariatric Internal Medicine physician, registered dietitian, psychologist, and certified exercise specialist.

The primary focus of the St. Vincent “Call to Life” program:

  1. Medical oversight that includes blood testing, health screening tests and preventative health education.
  2. Nutritional guidance is part of every session and helps patients make dietary changes that are nutritious and fuel your journey. With cooking classes and ongoing support, our patients learning about the many foods (recipes) they can eat, how to make good food choices and which foods will help you lose weight and keep it off.
  3. Behavioral counseling focuses on each person’s emotional needs and addresses behavioral changes, food additions and triggers that can be managed for lifelong weight management.
  4. A personalized exercise program is created and we show you how to adapt new exercises for your needs. This program is flexible and over time adjusts as you lose the weight and can do more or different levels of activity.
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